About Us

Dear Customer, 

Welcome to "One Offs" online store, launched on 27th August 2013. 

Here, you will find a wonderful array of vintage, contemporary, collectable, limited edition, quirky, novel, unique, beautiful and charming objects and hand crafted art work individually selected for their uniqueness, beauty, and artistic flair.

Our aim is to attract not only those customers who are collectors themselves seeking specific objects to add to their collection, but also those simply looking to purchase a beautiful and unique gift.

The objects in this store come from all corners of the world such as Latin America, Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, India, China and Japan.

We will continue to expand our collection and add more quirky, unique, and artistic objects to our store. Please visit us regularly to see our new additions.

Ultimately we would like you to enjoy browsing through the objects in our store and be able to easily find what you are looking for or be able to spot that unique gift you would not find anywhere else.

If you are interested in any particular collectables, please email us with details, at sales@one-offs.net.  

All suggestions to improve our website and store will be warmly welcomed.

Happy Shopping!